PIR Sensor Module Human Body Motion Infrared Detection Board for led strip light
origin: china
Style: europe
Apply to: bedroom cabinet
Voltage: DC12V
  • Material: Electric Parts; Net Weight: 4g

  • Package Content: 1 x PIR Sensor Module; Model: YD09107; Main Color:  Green

  • Working Voltage: DC 12-24V; Max. Static Current: 3mA; Delay Time: 18S

  • Blockade Time: 18s; Sensor Angle: 120 Degree; Sensor Distance: 1-2.5m

  • Working Temp: -20C to +60C; Total Size: 23.5 x 9.5mm/0.92" x 0.37"(L*W);

  • Product description

    Delay Time: 18s Not adjustable
    Blockade Time:18S  Not Ajustable
    Sensitivity:   Not adjustable
    sensitivity: non adjustable
    Light Control:non adjustable
    Max. Detecting distance: 0-3m
    Max. Detecting angle: 120C
    Triggle Type: Repeatable
    Infrared Sensor: dual element, low noise, high sensitivity.
    Anti Interference is enhanced, the internal use of digital signal processing, output the high level and low level directly.

    - Repeatable Trigger Mode: induction output high level, the delay time period, if the body is in its sensing range, the output will always maintain a high level, until the people left after the delay, it change to low level .Every activity of human body induction module detects automatically postpone a delay time, and delay starting point to the last active time.
    - Application: Widely automatic induction electrical equipment, such as Alarm detector,light switch, Motion light, Intellectualixed toys or appliance, Security system etc

  • It turn on the light automatically when you open the door, it turn off after 18 seconds


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