Cabinet furniture hanging cabinet floor giant intelligent hand-sweeping sensor lights monochrome col
origin: china
Style: Americal
Apply to: bedroom cabinet
Voltage: DC12V

Shenzhen Xinyude Electric Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in cabinet lights, furniture lights, bathroom lights, sensors, acrylic advertising lights. Company uphold the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to "customer first" principle to provide our clients with quality service. Welcome patrons!

The industry's top technology level, fully equipped

Personalized custom

1: The group company has a number of overseas designers, the top level of design in the same industry, with a highly professional appearance of the structure of electronic design talents can be based on the concept of the customer's ideas or pictures design unique style products, or create their own new ideas for customers to choose .

2: The company's company specializes in the production of LED acrylic products and LED lighting products, so there is a unique treatment scheme for the arrangement and cooling of lamp beads in lighting products.

High production efficiency and low cost

3: The company has a strict management system, which is implemented in accordance with ISO and 5S systems. The company promises "quality is produced, not the principle and concept of quality inspection". Only strict technical training for each operator can be performed. Each product has a complete production process card to track production before production, employees have clear responsibilities, strong motivation, and generous benefits.

The most comprehensive and representative professional manufacturer in the country

4: The company has an auxiliary raw material production workshop, so the raw materials are the lowest in the industry. Various products include: LED display rack, LED cabinet lighting, bathroom lighting, mobile phone and electronic product display rack, and various advertisements, signboards, light boxes, production and production. She has unique experience and technology in the design, development and production of acrylic lamps and cabinet lamps.

Hand-sweeping induction handle cabinet wall light monochrome two-color switch

Scope of application: kitchen hanging cabinets and work table lighting.

Input voltage

: DC12V Light source: LED lamp 3528 lamp beads, life 7000 hours.

Features: * There is a hand-scan sensor underneath the lamp body. The hand does not need to touch the lamp switch. Swipe over the sensor switch. The lamp can be turned on automatically, swept again, and turned off automatically. Overcome the shortcomings of traditional mechanical switches that are not durable due to frequent opening.

* Avoid the risk of contact with the switch with wet hands, high security.

* No longer have to worry about frequent hand contact with the lamp, which can stain the surface of the lamp.

* High-quality aluminum, the surface after high hardness anodizing.

* The light of the glass is soft and comfortable.

* Exquisite tempered glass or acrylic, safe and durable.

* Designed to protect against electric shock and safer to use.

* Hands-free design.


LED type







buit-in motion sesor










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